Health Secretary explains why lockdown rules apply to all of Greater Manchester

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has explained why the government had to apply the new lockdown restrictions to all 10 of Greater Manchester's boroughs - including Tameside and Oldham.

He announced on Twitter last night (Thursday) a major lockdown update for Greater Manchester, parts of West Yorkshire and East Lancashire. 

Separate households are now banned from meeting each other indoors. This includes people living in Hollingworth, Broadbottom and Mottram as part of Tameside. 

Tougher coronavirus restrictions were already introduced in Oldham on Tuesday to try and prevent a local lockdown, but these have now been extended to each borough throughout the region.  

“We absolutely looked at what was the right geography for this decision,” Mr Hancock told Sky News this morning (Friday). 

“Unfortunately we have seen an increase in the number of cases in Trafford and we also work with the local authority, and local authorities within Greater Manchester including the mayor, and took the decision to apply this across the whole of Greater Manchester.

“The reason for that is we’ve seen these increases across the board in Greater Manchester as well as the other areas that are affected, and also the problem was that we had taken more targeted, more specific local action, for instance in Oldham and Blackburn.

“But we could see that it was spreading more widely than that so we had to take the action that we did.”


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