Derbyshire County Council to hold virtual Full Council meeting

Derbyshire County Council is to hold its next Full Council meeting online for the first time due to the continuing coronavirus situation.

The meeting will be held at 2pm on Wednesday 17 June as a Microsoft Teams live event, and members of the public will be able to join the meeting to follow proceedings.

The meeting, which will be the council’s Annual General Meeting, was due to be held on 18 May but was postponed due to the pandemic.

All 64 councillors are expected to attend the meeting, which will see the swearing in of new Civic Chairman Councillor Judith Twigg. Councillor Twigg has been serving as Vice Civic Chairman and will replace Councillor Robert Parkinson in the role.

The meeting will be chaired by county council Chairman, Councillor Trevor Ainsworth.

The county council say it is currently holding all the meetings it can virtually, ensuring members of the public and the media still have the opportunity to see what decisions are being taken.

Before Full Council on 17 June, as with other meetings, a link will be published on the council’s website so that people can join the meeting and watch online. To find the link, go to

There is also guidance on how to join the meeting on the page and a link from this page to the meeting’s agenda, which can also be found by going to the council's Derbyshire Democracy website at:

Members of the public who want to ask questions should email them in the usual way to to arrive no later than noon on Friday 12 June.

As they will not be attending the meeting in person, the Chairman will read public questions out and the relevant Cabinet Member will respond in the usual way. As the public are not ‘in the room’ for the meeting, they won’t be able to ask a supplementary question as they would normally do.

Therefore, following the meeting, the questioner will receive a written response to their first question and will be given the opportunity to ask a written supplementary question to which they will receive a written response. The questions and responses will be published on the council’s website at a later date.

Derbyshire County Council’s Leader, Councillor Barry Lewis, said: "Holding a Full Council meeting with all our members online is a first for the council and I really welcome the fact we’re now in a position to do this.

"Practically all our meetings are now being held virtually, including Cabinet meetings, and technically they have gone well. It’s important for us as a council to make this happen and it’s important that the public can watch debates being had on the issues we are dealing with and decisions being taken. I hope people will tune in and watch democracy in action." 

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