Council issues warning amid Covid risk increasing in Tameside

Tameside residents are being urged to keep following safety measures, after Covid rates have more than doubled in the borough over the last seven days.

The current transmission rate in Tameside is 64.5 per 100,000 of the population, whereas last week it was just 23.4.

Tameside Council say the climbing rates, which are also going up across the wider Greater Manchester region, reflect the increased risk of catching Covid in local communities and serve as a warning that people still need to follow the rules, minimise mixing and be scrupulous about washing hands, wearing face coverings, socially distancing and letting in fresh air.

'I can't emphasis the point of getting vaccinated, when invited, enough' 

"There may be a mood of people starting to feel safer and relax but the reality of the situation and the risk we each are facing is quite the opposite," says council leader Brenda Warrington.

"Rates across Greater Manchester are quickly climbing and so the chances of catching Covid, or at the very least becoming a close contact and having to self isolate, are going up.

“I urge people to keep up their good work in following safety measures and do what they can to minimise mixing and contacts. Socialise responsibly outdoors, work from home where you can, keep getting tested and take up your opportunity for first and second vaccinations when invited.

“I can’t emphasis the point of getting vaccinated, when invited, enough. We are seeing new Covid cases drop in vaccinated age ranges and we know that having both vaccinations gives you much better protection from the covid variants, which are becoming dominant. However it is important that everyone, whether vaccinated or not, gets regularly tested and sticks to safety measures to help protect themselves and everyone they come into contact with, including their loved ones.”

Increase in people not wearing face coverings 

The council's compliance teams have carried out a total of 533 Covid secure visits and checks over the past week, to help support businesses and the community in keeping Covid safe.

The authority says compliance is "generally good" and where there are issues, these are being quickly followed up and resolved.

The teams have noticed, however, an increase in people not wearing face coverings and have been handing out masks at businesses, as well as transport hubs, to help reiterate the importance of wearing face coverings to help reduce transmission.

People can find more details about testing - both for people without symptoms and PCR tests for people with symptoms - at

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