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Hyde community launch campaign to save village pub

Five Broadbottom residents who launched a campaign to save their local pub have already raised an incredible £56,200.

The Harewood Arms' landlord Phil Wild will soon be retiring from his role so the inn has been listed for sale. In response, "Save The Harewood Arms" initiative has emerged, with the aim of the community purchasing and managing the pub collectively.

The Broadbottom Community Pub Group, who are running the campaign, said in a time where Broadbottom has lost both its local Post Office and Arts & Crafts Centre, the pub is one of the last remaining establishments within their village - thus being the main social hub.

Affie Lockheart, a member of the committee, said: "The Broadbottom Community Pub Group is made up of people who value the pub as an important part of our village and its community - Phil Hesketh, Lesley Wylie, Andrew Taylor and Grenville Lunn, with me working on the social media and raising awareness side.

"For us, keeping the pub open means more than just a local business in the area. It's somewhere for people, who may not have a close network around them, to go and have social interaction. It's a place visited constantly by walkers, some of whom are visiting the area for the first time and some recurring visitors. It's dog-friendly and just an inclusive space for all, regardless of muddy boots or paws. It's also home to the Pool and Ladies Darts team."

He continued: "The Harewood Arms is a local employer, not owned by a chain or a business. There are several members of staff that put a lot of work into keeping the pub going for the patrons. If we were to lose the pub, it would have a direct impact on the livelihoods of the staff.

"The establishment caters to a diverse clientele representing a wide range of backgrounds and demographics and also houses an on-site brewery that has historically supplied other businesses, and we aim to maintain this practice."

The Green Mill Brewery, which is housed within the pub itself, has been the source of many locally brewed beers over the years. The brewery is also a part of the sale and is something the group would like to continue operating.

Currently, the brewery's beers are sold exclusively through the Harewood Arms. However, in the past, these award-winning beers have been distributed to other pubs and businesses and the committee aim to revive this practice to ensure the inn continues to thrive.

The 5-strong team have been keeping residents informed on fundraising ideas, government support and how the business will run moving forward, through regular meetings at the premises, emphasising that they are "open and transparent" with everyone and happy to answer "all questions".

Initially, the campaigners planned to raise funds via pledges from people in and around the local community, however they are currently looking into other fundraising opportunities which can take place to raise money for additional requirements along the way, such as building and business surveys. A goal of £250,000 was set, which would then be matched with Government Funding from the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities.

Affie added: "We really want people to feel like they can get involved and support us to keep this important part of Broadbottom alive. If you are currently unable to pledge - that's okay! Sharing on Social Media, making other people aware and even helping us to distribute our posters can play a part to help us to save The Harewood Arms."

The group can be contacted via communityharewood@gmail.com for any questions or further information.


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