Golf Courses in Tameside you need to play!

In Tameside, we like to think we know a thing or two about sport…

Our borough is home to some of the most passionate sports fans and sports people in the entire county.

This is clear to see in the form of countless local clubs, teams and groups always striving to prove themselves on the biggest stage possible.

Football, rugby, boxing, you name it. If there’s a sport you love, there’s a home for it in Tameside.

And one of the most popular sports in Tameside is undoubtedly golf.

Thanks to this, we have an abundance of golf courses in Tameside, each with their own qualities that make them perfect for an early morning round, a weekend trip or a post-work putt.

So if you’re an avid golfer but aren’t sure where you can hit a few hole-in-ones, or if you’re an amateur golfer just getting started, or even if you’re just looking to try somewhere new, here are a few suggestions of golf courses in Tameside you should check out:

Denton Golf Club

It might be hidden by a wall of trees, but as you drive down Manchester Road you’ll be able to spot a small turn-in that acts as the entrance way to Denton Golf Club.

One of the oldest and most popular golf courses in Tameside, Denton Golf Club was founded all the way back in 1910 and began its life as a nine hole course. This was until it was quickly extended to the now standard eighteen holes, along with the addition of a brand new clubhouse.

The clubhouse proved to be short-lived, though, as it burned to the ground in 1922. This paved the way for a much more modern clubhouse to be built soon after.

But fate played a cruel hand once again in 1940 when a German bomb hit the clubhouse, forcing it to close for a whole ten years. Now, it is a fully-rebuilt clubhouse and is regularly used for family events, functions, conferences, weddings etc.

Why the Germans would have considered a golf course in Tameside as a “high-value” target, we have no idea!

Beyond such an interesting history, the course is a delight to play and is always kept in immaculate condition. It also regularly receives excellent feedback from players about the quality of the fairways and greens, something a lot of clubs struggle with on occasion.

Although, you might not have an easy tee-off, as the longest hole on the entire course will greet you at the very first tee – coming in at an impressive 539 yards.

And with Winter fees starting from just £15 per person, it’s also one of the more affordable golfing experiences Tameside has to offer.

To find out more about Denton Golf Club, visit their website here.

Dukinfield Golf Club

The self-proclaimed home of “Great Golfing in the North West”, Dukinfield Golf Club has been a staple of many local golfer’s weekly schedule for years.

Based along the long-stretching Yew Tree Lane in Dukinfield, it’s hard to miss!

A relatively straightforward course with a good number of challenges to throw a spanner in the works, the course will keep you on your toes without ever becoming too intrusive to your game.

Add to this some of the best views you’ll catch on golf courses in Tameside, and Dukinfield Golf Club is a must-play for locals and visitors alike.

But don’t forget to stop by the clubhouse on the way out! The impressive building, which resembles more a stately manor than anything else – was completed in 2009 and often plays host to numerous events including wedding receptions, conferences and more.

And, if you head down on a Sunday, you’ll be in time to snap up a delicious Sunday Carvery after a demanding eighteen holes to recharge your batteries.

Want to know more about Dukinfield Golf Club? Check out their website here.

Stamford Golf Club

First opened in 1901 to match the increasing need for local golf courses in Tameside (as opposed to travelling long distances, which was much more difficult back then) Stamford Golf Club has seen its fair share of hardships throughout the decades.

At one point it looked as though the game might have been over before it had even begun, when the club faced financial difficulties in the fallout of the First World War – 10 club members lost their lives in the conflict, and you can find a memorial to them on the course.

Then a similar issue arose in the fallout of the Second World War, too. Thankfully, generous donations from members, locals and lovers of the club raised enough to ultimately save Stamford from permanent closure.

Today, Stamford is still thriving as a busy mainstay for countless regular and new players, who always walk away feeling impressed at the 18 holes they just put away – even if they could have played better!

Never an easy round but always an entertaining one, you’ll encounter a couple of hilly spots during your travels around the course. But it’s all part of the thrill of the game and makes Stamford more than a worthy adversary.

Much like the other mentions on this list, the clubhouse always proves to be popular amongst returning players and is a great spot for some food and drink, as well as various events.

To find out all about what Stamford Golf Club has to offer, take a look at their website here.

Ashton-Under-Lyne Golf Club

Not very far from Stamford Golf Club is another golfing gem of the region.

Ashton-Under-Lyne Golf Club (or just ‘Ashton Golf Club’ for short) is located just on the boundary between Ashton and Mossley, not far from the Hartshead Inn.

Set in a truly idyllic location with vast, green countryside views on all sides, Ashton might be the most perfect of all the golf courses in Tameside to visit when you simply want to get away from the world, enjoy your surroundings and relax!

With 100 years of history behind them, the club knows a thing or two about providing a top-notch golfing experience! And if visitor reviews are anything to go by, that’s exactly what you’re in for.

It’s also worth mentioning that if you like to observe a new golf course before diving straight in, the Ashton Golf Club website comes with a nifty feature – the chance to look at a fully digital rendering of each hole, so you know exactly what kind of course you’ll be playing well in advance.

As always, the clubhouse and function room are available for all your event and entertainment needs – everything from a buffet-style treat to finer food options.

Ready to head on down to Ashton? Check out their website here for more info.



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