7 of the 70s - Unusual Christmas Songs

John Denver – Please Daddy don’t get drunk this Xmas

A cautionary festive tale about a drunken husband coming home late and upsetting his wife and 7 yr. old son over his distressed state. Mr Denver released another classic two years later, Christmas for Cowboys, that celebrates companionship on the prairie where men pass wind around a camp fire.

The Goodies – Father Christmas Do Not Touch Me

Let me get this straight, you wrote a letter to Santa when you were 11. Seven years later he pops down your chimney saying he prefers bigger girls and requests a kiss under the mistletoe.  And he didn’t even leave any presents.

George Harrison - Ding Dong

Not to be confused with merrily on high, this is a homage to the legendary Carry On actor Leslie Phillips’ lecherous cad character’s catchphrase, ‘Ding Dong’

James Brown – Santa Claus is definitely here to stay

The rise of consumerism is evident in the Drug father of Soul’s Christmas message of spend, spend, spend. He encourages us to dip into money we’ve been saving for a rainy day (or an emergency, or to pay the gas…). He sings that we may be broke after Christmas but at least we’ll have Santa in your heart. Right on brother.

Elmo and Patsy - Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
Another alcohol related Christmas tale where an elderly relative under the influence of a Babycham or two falls over in the snow on the way home from a festive rave and is found dead the next morning with hoof-prints on her forehead. At the time police said it was an open and claus-ed case. 

Elton John – Ho! Ho! Ho! Who’d be a turkey at Christmas?

The B side (the other side of a record that we rarely played let alone looked at) of Mr Dwight’s Christmas blockbuster, ‘Step into Christmas’. I have an issue with this song. It’s not that Santa is identified as a ‘Bearded Weirdie’ or that there is a reference to burning rubber. Where’s the turkey in the song? Did he write the title first and then forget to include the gobbler in the lyrics? #justsaying

Chris Hill – Renta Santa/Bionic Santa

Copying the style of comedy group the Baron Knights, DJ Chris Hill parodied popular hits of the day making a mint with Renta Santa that went top ten. He then repeated the trick the following Christmas with Bionic Santa and the nation fell for it again. 


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