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Christmas Present Wrapping Tips!

You’ve done it again… haven’t you? Left wrapping all your Christmas presents until the last minute!

When will you learn?

But have no fear! If you like countless others struggle every year with wrapping your Christmas presents well enough so they don’t look like a scrunched-up ball of glittery paper, here are just a few wrapping tips you might find useful:

Take the shape of the gift into account

There is no one correct way to wrap a present.

Yes, there are methods that work time and again, but it all depends on a host of different factors, including the shape of your gift.

If you’re working with a standard box, you’re virtually there already! But if you’re working with something totally quirky and unusual in shape, be sure to take the time to size up the gift, examine where your wrapping paper could fit best and, ideally, figure out how much you need. Speaking of which…

Cutting the right amount of paper

How many times has this happened?:

You’ve begun covering the perfect gift in the wrapping paper you (supposedly) cut to size, only to discover there’s mounds of it going spare? It’s easily done!

Before you begin cutting the actual paper, be sure to account for precisely where it will be folded around the item, and in what fashion. That way you’ll save yourself the bother of wasting goodness-knows how much wrapping paper, leaving plenty to use on other gifts.

Heck, when done correctly, you could even save enough for next year!

Or, if you don’t feel as confident in this task as you’d like…

Seek advice from a pro!

Every year, there’s always somebody who claims to be the absolute best at wrapping presents and, usually, they’re right!

It’s a skill reserved for the most patient and most methodical of us, and many of us will struggle for years to wrap presents for Christmas, Birthdays and beyond.

Sometimes it’s smart to know when to throw in the towel and ask for some help!

If you know someone who is the bees-knees at wrapping gifts and they happen to have some spare time on their hands, ask them to give you a hand.

Chances are, if they’re always so enthusiastic about wrapping presents, they may even enjoy it!


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