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Alternate gifts to leave for Santa!

This Christmas Eve, countless families will be following the time-honoured tradition of leaving a glass of crisp, cool milk, a delicious mince pie for Santa upon his arrival down the chimney and a carrot for Rudolph.

By morning, the drink is drunk and the mince pie and carrot are gone, all but confirming that Santa is very real! (Or that dad was hungry last night…)

But just because these are the usual choices doesn’t mean you need to stick to them! If you’re looking to mix things up for your Christmas traditions this year, or you’re looking to impress your little ones, here are a few unusual gifts to leave for Santa:

A Christmas Card

Why send a Christmas card to Santa when he can come and pick it up himself?

Choosing and writing a card for Santa is a great way to get the kids geared-up for Christmas Day, and it’s an even bigger buzz for them knowing he will open and read the card (easily doable) when he arrives.

Better still, you can even leave a space at the bottom of the card for him to respond! The kids will love it!

A Sandwich

Delivering presents is hungry work! Which is one of the reasons the whole mince pie tradition originated in the first place.

But realistically (as realistic as the Santa story can be anyway) is a single mince pie really going to do the job?

Add to this the fact that Santa has probably been too busy to organise his own Christmas dinner and we have a serious problem!

Solution? Offer him a hearty sandwich to solve his mid-flight hunger. It might not be traditional, but it’ll look impressive to the children in the house (and give you a chance to have a well-deserved midnight snack!).


Who needs a good pick-me-up?

Santa flies through that many different time zones for so many hours that it’s understandable if he starts to nod off at the wheel! Well, at the sleigh!

That’s why a nice hot cup of coffee is the perfect gift to leave for Santa.

He can keep warm in the frosty winter air temperatures and give himself a little energy boost in the process.

Hey, if you’re feeling generous, you can still leave him a mince pie too. Nothing like a mince pie and a brew!


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